I am the Father of a ROGD Daughter.  ROGD stands for 'Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria'

ROGD is a recent trend with adolescent and young adults identifying as 'Trans'.  Evidence suggests it is socially contagious and when medicalized is a form of self harm.

I want to do something to help protect our children from reckless medicalization of a physchological problem.

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This website is about information and analysis but here is my more emotive reflection, hope you find it cathartic:

 A Conversation with my Daughter in Heaven

(Don't worry, she is still with us.  We are still on good terms in spite of the tension and grief gender ideology has put between us)


What do I stand for? Here is my 'Gender Critical Manifesto'  (happy to collaborate with interested parties, contact me at ROGDFather@gmail.com)

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities” Voltaire.   

Critical thinking is the antidote but it requires information to assess, start here:

I am not an intellectual or an ideolog, just a critical thinker and a Father trying to make practical sense of a phenomenon that is frequently confusing to many.  Thanks you and apologies for the lack of attribution below for the many words I have borrowed from others (I just couldn't keep track).


So what is this Trans phenomenon all about?  Here is my attempt at a comprehensive but concise summary with links to deep dives on the various sub-topics.


In a nutshell, the Trans movement at large appears to me to be a very trendy ideology.  Where it only about equal rights for Trans people, or acceptance of gender diversity I would be their ally.  A prime example to illustrate how trendy it is would be a Brown University recent survey of 1000 students found that 40% identify as LGBTQ+, that is a popular trend!  (historically speaking 2-4% of the population identified as gay).


This ideology has it's roots in philosophy, specifically Post Modernism and it's offshoot Queer Theory (although most Trans kids wouldn't understand this)


Gender Ideology -  incorporates or is closely related to a broader family of political and philosophical trends:

Social Justice Theory, Marxism (equity of outcome, not equality of opportunity), victimhood culture, cancel culture and wokeism in general.


Biology Denialism - and other logical fallacies abound in the Trans movement, e.g. denial that there are two types of humans, men and woman.  One produces sperm, the other eggs.  So the belief is that human's exist of a spectrum not a sex binary, but if true, why have surgery to change yourself to the other 'binary'?  As a result, we find ourselves treating a mental issue with surgery and hormones.

A biologiest explians why sex is binary

Why evolution is true


Sexual orientation and Sex vs Gender


Types of transgenderism


Transition types and stages - in my view, social transition and binders may well act as a gateway drug to hormones and therapy.


Healthcare treatment 







Cult , Mass psychosis, Religion, or something else


Who is at risk 


Where has it all led us


Logical fallacies



Other good sources of information from thoughtful thinkers:


Keeping your sense of humor:

Best sources of evidence based critical thinking:









Other reading:


Lawsuites I am tracking due to their potential to make a broad impact: